It’s the 26th day of this A-to-Z Challenge. The last day. Damn. It’s been a journey, eh? Eesh!

The last three randomly generated words for this challenge are,…. You know what? Screw this! It’s the last day! Let’s make this interesting. The random words for today are gonna be all the titles of all the work I’ve done for this challenge! That’s right, right from Alone up to this post here, Zenith! And, (yeah, I’m not finished yet,) all of them will be in order. I’ll hyperlink the words to the respective posts too!

I just upped the ante, and I legit don’t know if I can deliver. Fuck it! Let’s give this one a fair shot!

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway

“Out of all the cafes in this town, you chose to meet at the one where you have to sit outside. In the cold.” Mark rubbed his mittened hands together and brought them up to his face. He had never worn so many articles of clothing in his life, ever!

K smirked at him, slowly raising his hands to his face and letting his chin rest on it. “Well, we could sit inside.” The red full sleeve turtle neck accentuated his face perfectly while keeping him warm.

“No…” Mark gave K a sideways glance through his mittens. “The French street lights look nice.” He whispered. Both of them laughed as a particularly good looking waitress brought them their coffee. As she left, Mark mouthed ‘Wow!’

“That’s Marie. Angelica’s girlfriend.” K said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. “Angelica told me to drop by here from time to time to check up on her, before she…”

Mark put down his coffee cup and said, “Cancer, right?” K just nodded. Mark leaned in a bit closer, “K, I would have loved to help. You know I would have! The only reason I didn’t give you the cure-all when you asked for it all those years back was because it was…” Mark’s expression became grave, “Unstable.”

“I know. I know.” K put his hand on Mark’s shoulder. “It’s ok. At least she wasn’t Alone when she left. Everyone she loved was with her. Marie, Her parents, her friends, her two cats!” K let out a sad chuckle. The cold decided not to touch their coffee, perhaps out of respect for the soul that once led them to this enchanted café.

They sat in silence for a while, sipping their coffees and taking in the vista. A few minutes later Mark asked, “Why did you call me here? I know it’s not because you just wanted to talk to a friend. You could have just video called me. You didn’t drag me away from my research just for a coffee.”

K looked up from his coffee and smiled at someone he saw over Mark’s shoulder. “Mark my boy, you have excellent timing, cos speaking of friends, here’s a Buddy from the past!”

“What…” Mark looked confused for a moment before pair of arms noogied him from behind. “Mark-san! K-san!” an accent Mark would never forget rang in his ears. Mark looked up at K with the widest smile while K just nodded in excitement. “If it isn’t the great warrior of the east! Ishikki!” Mark turned around to hug a man in winter casuals paired with a long katana.

As the others in the café looked on, three grown men hugged it out, all of them almost in tears. Once they had all regained their sense of awareness, Ishikki pulled up a chair and sat down with the other two. All three of them just looked at one another with a smile on their faces. They hadn’t sat together like this in a very long time. Finally, Ishikki broke the silence, “So, K-san! Why you make me fly here?”

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!” Mark looked at K in surprise. “You flew him out here? Like you paid for him to fly here? Also, your English is getting better Ishikki! Good for you!”

Ishikki blushed a little, or maybe it was just the cold weather. K didn’t know how to explain this to Mark so he just kept quiet.

“Guys look, I’m sorry I pulled you guys away from your research and Cherry Blossom Festivals. I just… I just wanted to be back with the boys, you know!” K shrugged his shoulders.

“Well.” Mark folded his hands. “That’s good and all. But if you really wanted the boys together, you’re missing someone.”

“Ah! Migeru-san is miss!” Ishikki piped in placing his katana gently on the table.

“Missing. But good Ishikki! Also, yeah. Miguel isn’t here.” Mark looked at K quizzically.

“I tried to get him to come here but he had to go for a reunion at his school. He said he was hoping to see that childhood friend he keeps talking about.” K pulled up the front page of Rolling Stones magazine that had Kevin’s photo on it.

“Good looking guy!” Mark peered through his specs.

“Yes, yes. I is agreeing.” Ishikki chimed in.

As the three former collegemates reminisced of a simpler time, a group of sober young men walked by the café, laughing at each other’s quips and hoping to get hammered as the Dusk slowly settled in.

“So, did you finally do it? Did you finish exploring the um, how did you put it? Your Ethereal Reality, yet?!” Mark teased K.

“Ha Ha. Very funny.” K retorted while Ishikki geared up for the story that K would inevitably tell. “You can’t say that I’m done exploring it. One never can. It’s an endless journey. The key is that you don’t Falter when it goes downhill sometimes.” K looked satisfied with his answer. Mark and Ishikki looked confused, one because nothing made any sense to him and the other because he didn’t know most of the words that came out of K’s mouth. “The short answer is no. No, I haven’t finished exploring my ethereal reality yet.”

“Ah ok.” Both Ishikki and Mark nodded in sync. “But you is still writing?” Ishikki asked.

“Yup!” K’s face beamed.

“But you still can’t find a publisher?” Mark chimed in.

“Nope.” K’s face drooped.

“Oh! Um, that’s ok. It’s hard to find publishers. Every writer goes through it. Let’s just call it Growing Pains, yeah?” Mark fumbled, trying to cheer K up.

K let out a hearty laugh before saying, “No it’s ok. There actually is one guy. New in the publishing market. He asked if he could publish some of my work. I’m considering it. Besides, it really doesn’t matter if my work isn’t published in the big leagues. It’s not like I’m publishing research that would help Heal the World someday, like someone else on this table.”

“No, I no write. If I write also my write no so good.” Ishikki scratched the back of his head.

“He meant me!” Mark stared daggers at an Ishikki who was practically on the floor laughing. “But, then again I don’t think my research is gonna be taken seriously, now that the scientific community knows what I’ve done.” Mark thrust his hands into his coat pocket in dejection.

“No! What you say Mark-san! I See You in magazine of medicine, In Japan! You are big doctor who cure very sick small girl! I say to my friends there that you is my friend!” Ishikki swooped in to save the day.

“Thanks, bud, I appreciate that.” A smile crept up on Mark’s face. “By the way, what about you Ishikki? How’s the shrine?”

“Yeah. Last time I came to visit you were talking about making the entrance out of stone instead of bamboo.” K sipped on what was left of his coffee intriguingly.

“Shrine is good. Yes, I make entrance of stone. The goddess like!” Ishikki sat up proudly.

“Wow, even after all these years you think a goddess talks to you just because you live near a temple?” Mark looked at Ishikki with disbelief.

“Oh god, here we go again.” K planted his face into his palm and sat back. “I’m not getting involved in this!”

“Look, I’m just saying! There has to be a scientific explanation for this goddess speaking to him thing!” Mark sure was adamant.

“NO! Goddess speaks. Goddess real!” Ishikki wasn’t going to back down either.

“No buddy, it’s all in your head!”

“That’s what you said, years back. When you try to doctor me! You think I mad!”

“And I’m telling you now that if you give me Just Five Minutes Longer and I’ll figure out what’s wrong with you!”

“Nothing is wrong!”

“Guys, Guys, Guys! If you’re gonna keep arguing I’m just gonna leave!” K stood up authoritatively.

“But I have no American money to give for paying coffee.” Ishikki said with a straight face.

K sat down slowly and both he and mark looked at Ishikki for a full minute before all of them burst into another round of laughter. “You’re alright kiddo!” Mark grabbed Ishikki’s shoulder and shook him.

They talked deeper into the night and Marie was more than happy to keep the black coffees and caramel lattes coming. This time around K mostly listened as Ishikki and Mark shared their life with him. Both Mark and Ishikki knew something was wrong because it was not in K’s nature to be quiet for more than half an hour.

“Hey, what’s happening buddy? Talk to us!” Mark probed.

“No, it’s just that I got nominated for a journalism award…” K started to say.

“Ā, Sugoi! Sore wa anata no Koe No Chikara ni yoru monodesu!” Ishikki jumped from his seat and hugged K.

“Uh, translation?” K asked while returning the hug.

“Oh! Um. This is because of power of your voice!”

“Ah, thanks, man! But uh it’s no use when you have nobody to share it with, is it?” K raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mark was pretty confused.

“Janet, she uh… she left me.” K’s eyes welled up with tears.

“Janet as in Janet who stalked you throughout college and then proposed to you in the worst possible way, on the jumbotron screen during the Knicks game? That Janet?” Mark’s eyes were this close to popping out of his head.

“Yeah!” K managed a chuckle. “That Janet. Turns out I have an expiration date. And that date is when I decide to write something that isn’t an ode to her! I started out on that novel of self-realization I wanted to write since college and so yeah, I had to shut myself off for some time. She should have just Let Me Be!” K scratched the back of his ears.

“Yeah, you’re pulling our leg.” Mark relaxed back into his seat.

“Goddammit! How do you always know!” said K in utter disbelief.

“You have a tell, whenever you lie you scratch the back of your ear. How do you think warrior man here kept taking all your money at poker back in college?” Mark explained.

“It’s true.” Ishikki concurred.

“Ah, I thought I had you guys. I was about to say all that then take you home and then you’ll see her there and be all like ‘What is happening?!’” K’s shoulders drooped with disappointment.

“We’ve heard worse Mind Muddling Mindlessness from you before you know.” Mark swatted at the air.

“Mind mud… what the fuck did you just say? Did you just try to sound like an intellectual or something, cos bro you just sounded silly.” K looked at Mark all funny.

“I no know what he say, but is true. You silly man.” Ishikki concurred. Again.

“Whatever!” marks face was flushed with embarrassment. After a hearty laugh and then paying for coffee K offered to take them to his house because the both of them had Nowhere Left to Go in that town. At first, Mark turned down the offer because he wanted to leave immediately so as to not leave his “research” unattended. But K and Ishikki convinced him to stay for One More Day.

As they walked back to K’s place, Ishikki came up with the idea to take a detour and check out their old college. They thought it was a good idea to see the state of their second homes. Little did they know that every little memory would come rushing back to them. Every little prank Ishikki pulled. Every little mid-class snack K munched on. Every little heart Mark broke. You could see the moment when all of them realised this was the first time they actually fulfilled their Promises to come back together and spend a day with the people that really mattered.

K took out his phone and video called Miguel. They had promised that all four of them would be there. When Miguel picked up the call, the three of them on the other end were blinded by stage lights and deafened by someone shredding it on the guitar. It didn’t take them long to long figure out Miguel was basically Quarantined on stage with Kevin! Kevin really didn’t want to let his best friend go away! Miguel finally moved to a comparatively silent corner backstage and was filled in on what had happened. They didn’t talk for long because the three on the other end had realised that it was these Really Small Moments with the right people that made life worth living. They let Miguel go and enjoy the rest of his night with Kevin.

Revisiting their old college was like a whiff of a cool Summer Sea Breeze for all of them. A feeling of warmth and joy but also a reminder that, that stage of their lives had given them all it could and that it was Time to Let Go. They all had their troubles and triumphs. Staying in the past, however splendid it was, would just eventually suffocate them and the others around them, like being held Underwater.

As they walked back, still hungover from all the memories, marks phone buzzed. It was Veronica. Mark excused himself and explained to her that he would only return the next day. “Daddy’s not coming home today, ok? Daddy is with his friends! I’ll come back tomorrow. You’ll be alright, won’t you?… Good, good. That’s my girl! Don’t trouble your mom, ok?…. Ok, bye-bye!” Mark hung up.

“Daddy?” Both K and Ishikki were taken by surprise. They knew what Mark had done. They hated him for a while, but then they saw what he was doing to help Veronica. He had recently perfected the formulation and cured her.

“Oh, yeah. Um… I told her. Well, I told her and her mom. The truth. Everything. Veronica was quick to forgive even though I kept her in a cage for 13 years of her life. Amanda threw me out of the house but then she saw Veronica and she had a change of heart. She’s still a little angry though. Sorry, I didn’t tell you guys sooner it’s just that…” Mark didn’t even finish his explanation before the other two gave him the warmest bear hug he’d ever had in his life. Veronica was always a topic they steered clear from, but now K and Ishikki wanted to know everything about her.

“Well, she’s about 14 years old now.” Mark’s face lit up with so much love when he talked about Veronica. “We’re looking for a good school that might accept her. I homeschooled her till now, but we think she should meet other kids and mingle with them now that she’s all cured. She’s very smart!”

“I’m sure she gets that from her dad!” K chimed in proudly.

“Yes, it must be like seeing Double You for Amanda because Veronica is smart like you!” Ishikki was over the moon with joy.

Tears welled in Marks’s eyes as he looked at his friends. It was like a single soul Xenogenised, creating three different people, yet being able to share in each other’s happiness and sadness.

They made their way back to K’s house joking along the way about stupid things like how Mark could create a You-niverse of himself if he had more kids that were smart like him or more realistic things like how Ishikki could still steal money from K at poker. These people had reached the Zenith of their friendship in that one night!

Just as they were about to enter the house a paper aeroplane hit Ishikki in the head. As he picked up the crayon coloured plane, a kid yelled from the window of the house opposite K’s, “Hey! Don’t touch my Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark Pending)! If you squash its nose it loses aerodynamicity!”

I do not know If I did a good job on this but I hope you guys like it! This whole challenge has been so much fun and I sincerely hope you guys have had a great time reading what I have had to offer throughout this month!

Until next time!


Day 25 of the A-to-Z Challenge. Only one more day left, and I can’t believe I made it so far to be completely honest. So, a poem. Not because I’m busy (not entirely true) but because I want to (entirely true)!

My three randomly generated words for today are,

Factory, Resort and Exploration.


Let’s go!!

I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone’s hand.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Oh, the things I would do for you,

Are out of this world and only for you.

What is it that you want me to do?

Pasteurize the Milky way, give Mars a boo-boo?

Give me a command and I would jump ship!

Even if I didn’t bring enough oxygen for this trip,

I’d still offer it to you and let my life slip!

Those eyes have the galaxies in their grip!

Anybody else holding a candle to you is a rarity,

I realize this is as I stare into your singularity.

I push past the event horizon for a moment of your clarity,

I bathe in your starlight, exploring every possibility.

Every shooting star in your beauty would insperse,

Every supernova would be outshone by your every verse.

If it was my last resort I would factory reset this universe,

Recreate it in your image, perfect and yet so diverse!


It’s day 24 of the A-to-Z challenge and I’m sad. Partly because this ends in two days’ time and also because it’s 08:46 PM right now and my food isn’t here yet.

The three randomly generated words that I will utterly demolish through my writing today are,

Foreign, Splurge and Conviction.

Let’s goooo!

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

J. Krishnamurti

“They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words could never hurt me. Not true. Sure, the words didn’t break my bones but they broke me.” I slowly folded the paper in half.

“Why are you telling me this?” His deep voice is kinda gritty in my ear. It’s annoying, but I tolerate it.

“Uh, hello! You came to me for help, remember?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Uh, this is me helping. So just listen.” I could never get that second fold on the paper right. It’s always a little crooked. “So, where was I? Ah, yes. The words. Well yeah, they broke me. Ripped me to shreds. The first time someone told me I was beneath them, it just felt like hearing a foreign language. Like German or something. Don’t really know what the guy was saying but it sounds bad!” Got it! The perfect second fold! Yes!

“First time? You mean it’s happened a lot to you?” Boy this guy really doesn’t know much, does he? Well, maybe that’s why he came to me for help!

“Yup. Countless times. At first, it was just school bullies. Then it became teachers, then when it affected my grades, it was my parents, then anybody who came within a five-mile radius of me.” I hope this flies. “I don’t blame any of them though. The bullies were just ‘having fun with me’ but I knew they just had to splurge into this to forget their own troubles. The teachers were overworked and I was easy prey for their frustrations. My parents were almost separated when they started to throw verbal daggers at me. As for the rest of them, I have no idea why they do it. Maybe it just seems fun to them? I don’t know!” the nose has to be absolutely pointy for maximum aerodynamicity. Is that a word? Aerodynamicity?

“Didn’t you ever want to just, you know, fight back?” Oh My Him! He’s actually sitting there like the Thinker. Yeah, that statue-like. Haha!

“Bad place yeah! Of course, I wanted to! But me being who I was at that time, gave too much of a fu..”

“Whoa!” Seriously? Whoa?

“Fudge…” Ugh! “… about what other people would think of me. So, I shut up, sat down and took it like the piece of sh…” Is he actually glaring at me through his specs? Unbelievable! “… Shit I was!” Oh yeah! I said it!

“Tch, tch, tch” Wow! Disapproving nod! So mature!

My masterpiece, the Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark pending) is ready! It’s the most aerodynamic paper plane in this whole…

“So, how did you overcome it? Assuming that you did.” Wow, he still has questions! Nice!

“Well, I didn’t at first. But then I figured I could just, as I like to call it, commit xenogeny. You know, the spontaneous generation of something that is completely different from me?” Yeah. He knows. He’s nodding no, but he knows. “Now the only problem was, my soul had to decide if it wanted to inhabit the old me and remain unchanged and depressed, or inhabit the body that was deaf to societies taunts and ascend.” Should I paint the Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark pending)?

“Well, what did your soul choose?” what do you think it chose genius?!

“Well, my old body decided it wanted to die with full conviction, so the soul got this new model standing in front of you!” Oh shit, is that a stain? Fuck, this is gonna take a long time to come off!

“Uh-huh? So, is that how you got here?” Now he’s asking the right questions!

“Yup! I’ve been living in this white space for the past… uh….3 hours.” Fuck, that long?

“Uh… actually it’s been 3 centuries.” FUCK, THAT LONG?

“Wow! Time sure does fly, eh? By the way, what did you want my help with?”

“Oh! Yeah, right, um, I need to move my couch from the 1095th floor to the 1100th floor. Yeah.”  Seriously? “Mind lending me a hand?”

“Sure! I ain’t got nothing else to do!” The Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark pending) is done anyway.


“Wait I got a question for you.” Damn! The Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark pending) soars! “If you’re God, why can’t you just, you know, poof the couch up there?”

“I could do that, but it’s more fun with company. You know the banter and the falling down the stairs and the confusion about using the elevator! You know, the human experience! Yay!” The human experience! Ugh!

“That makes sense. Also one more question. Why are you a guy? I thought you’d be like a flaming ball of light or something.” That would be so cool!

“Oh this? This is so that I look friendly to you…” And you chose human male? “… and also because if I showed you my true form you’d be vaporised. So. Go figure!” Yup. Yeah. That makes sense. Totally.

“Ok then, now that that’s out of the way, let us go move a couch!” Oh hey! The Flying Phantom 3000 (Trademark pending) is still flying! Cool!

It’s 09:49 PM and still no food. Fuuuuuuuuuudge!

W (Double you)

Tis day 23 of the A-to-Z Challenge and I still have a headache as well as academic year-end work so no story today, sorry.

Today I am plagued by these three randomly generated words,

Fail, Fee and Dramatic


Let’s get to it.

We used to have it all, but now’s our curtain call

So hold for the applause

Stole the Show, by Kygo and Parson James

No comedy makes me laugh,

No tragedy makes me cry,

No situation makes me angry,

No person makes me jealous.

I am lost in the person,

The person who failed me.

I am lost in the person,

The person in the mirror.

I stare into eyes once familiar,

Now just a graying void of nothingness.

Slowly losing touch with reality,

But fantasy doesn’t interest me either.

The worst moments of my life,

Are just the fee for the greatest ones.

The way people hurt me,

Just karma for the ones I loved.

As I see what has become of me,

The theatrics and dramatics die down.

In conversation – I with me: A monologue,

End scene, aulaeo misso, exit dead centre.


Its day 22 of the A-to-Z Challenge and you guys deserve a story! Can’t promise it’s going to be any good but I shall give it to you! That’s what…nvm

Todays three randomly generated words are,

Mutation, Breakfast and Analysis.

Let’s get to it!

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

 Friedrich Nietzsche

“GODDAMMIT!” Mark exclaimed as the 798th blood test failed. He put his head down and tried to maintain his composure. He could hear Veronica shudder from inside her glass cage.

Veronica was only a year old when Dr Mark Evans injected her, subject: V-4, with his ‘Cure-All’. For the past 11 years, she’s been locked up in the doctor’s lab, hidden away from the world. All because of a small mutation that made her hyper-susceptible to all diseases instead of hyper-resistant.

“Hey. Hey. I wasn’t mad at you. I promise. It’s just…. It’s been a long week.” Mark scratched the back of his head. Veronica walked towards him and put her hand on the glass. The canister of aerosolised antibiotics on her back hissed as another dose pumped its way through the tubes in her nose. She gasped deeply as the medicine settled in her lungs and finally said,

“Are you sad, Doctor? Sad that you can’t make Veronica better?”

“I will make you better! I will!” Mark placed his hand on the glass in front of Veronicas.

“I know! Veronica will wait. Veronica believes the doctor!” she smiled

Mark smiled back painfully. The only thoughts racking his Harvard graduated brain were the ones that never let him get an iota of sleep for the past 11 years –

‘What have I done?! Why did I do this to her?! What have I gained?!’

This guilt had consumed the doctor when he saw the little girl, to whom he had just given his miracle drug, cough up blood and almost die right in front of his eyes. Those visuals had been burned into his memory as a curse for his own corrupted intellect. When he saw the girl look up at him with an innocent smile and blood covered hands, he knew that no amount of money could save him from what he had done.

“Veronica? Is it ok if I draw some more blood? I think I might have the right formulation now.” Mark said hinting at the bloodied tube connected to Veronica’s cell.

“Sure! Anything to make Veronica better!”

Mark pulled out the bloodied tube and put in a new disinfected tube with a long needle at its end.

“Just pierce the needle into…” Mark began to instruct her.

“Veronica knows.” She masterfully found her own vein and carefully inserted the needle. “Veronica has done it many times.” She smiled weakly.

More of Mark died in that one smile. He silently removed the vial of blood and walked over to the workstation to begin tests.

“When Veronica becomes better, can she see her parents? Like the kids in the movies when they come out of the hospital?”

Mark shuddered, “Um… sure. Yes.” He didn’t raise his head to look at her.

“My parents don’t want me, do they?” her voice fell faint.

“What?! No! Of course, they want you!” Mark almost screamed.

“If they wanted me, they wouldn’t let me be sick.”

Mark did not respond for some time. “It’s because they want you back that they sent you to me. So that I can make you better.” He managed a smile.

Veronica smiled and went back to her table to eat her breakfast. The canister on her back hissed again.

As Mark finished up with his tests and waited for the results to come up on his phone, a knock was heard on the lab door. Veronica and Mark looked at each other. They nodded and Mark pressed a button that moved Veronica’s cell to a secluded part of the lab.

Mark waited for the cell to be completely out of sight before he opened the door to his lovely wife Amanda. “You’re still in work clothes? The family’s already at the church!”

“Huh? Oh yeah! I’ll be out in a few minutes. Yeah.” Mark fiddled while looking at his phone for the results.

“Honey, you ok?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine! It’s just, you know, stressful work and then there’s… today.”

“Awww. I know.” Amanda hugged him. “It’s hard for all of us.”

Mark hugged her back but kept his eyes transfixed on the phone. Still in the embrace, Amanda said, “Can you believe it’s been 11 years now since our daughters been gone….” The analysis displayed on the phone screen – Results for subject V-4: Name-…. “Our Veronica!” a tear rolled down the faces of both Amanda and Mark.

The phone screen showed the test had failed, but Mark had only one thing on his mind. The same thought he had the day he made the cell for Veronica. The same thought he had when he told his wife their daughter died in an accident. – ‘None of them can know. Not Veronica or Amanda. They can’t know what I’ve done.’


Day 21 of the A-to-Z Challenge and I have a headache again! so this time I’m trying something new. Sweet and short. A limerick!

The three randomly generated words for today are,

Emphasis, Orchestra and Frog.

Let us go!

Reality whistles a different tune underwater.

Tom Robbins

Once I dreamt I drifted to sea,

While an orchestra of frogs serenaded me.

As my head went underwater,

My emphasis was on treasure!

Then I woke up and realized I peed!

Time to let go

It’s day 20 of the A-to-Z Challenge and uh this one is a little sad.

The three randomly generated words for today are,

Tribute, Print and Express.

Let’s just get this over with.

If you’re not careful you can spend your whole life looking for what you’ve lost.

Moïra Fowley-Doyle, Spellbook of the Lost and Found

One minute it’s there and the next poof!

To think it would be safe, I’m a right goof!

This one is a tribute to what was lost.

To it let’s raise a glass. Prost!

The thing with close friends I would treasure,

The one thing that would have eased all our pressure.

Maybe it was not meant to be,

That we would treasure it that night by the sea.

Maybe I would have liked to keep it as a memory,

Maybe make use of it only when I wasn’t feeling like me.

Just maybe if I had read the fine print,

‘Things tend to disappear without a hint!’

For long I have searched for it since,

The thought that it was gone made me wince.

I fear it may have been taken,

My heart prays I am mistaken.

Now when I need it the most,

It see it nowhere close.

No amount of words can stress,

The amount of sadness I want to express.

The fact that I can get it elsewhere,

Is not something my mind doesn’t share.

Yet even though I know its time to let go,

Somehow fonder to it, I grow.

Summer Sea Breeze

It’s day 19 of the A-to-Z Challenge and the possibility that I might forget to write a post is becoming very real.

My three randomly generated words for today are,

Fix, Heaven and Reduce.

Let’s get to it.

I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.

Anais Nin

Green waves lapping shyly at my feet,

Asking me to come play.

The sand under my toes sink in synchrony,

Snuggling them in a deep and peaceful void.

The voices in my head fade away,

Washed across by the gentle whooshing of the sea.

My body stays rooted on this earth,

My soul has now seen heaven.

Distant ships sail into the deep.

I imagine the crew wave at the shore,

Just before they fall off the horizon.

They wave. I’m sure.

Cerulean crabs of all sizes crawl up to the seashore,

Only to disappear behind a creeping wave.

A seashell stands where the crab once stood,

A payment for the friend the sea just claimed.

The water is at my knees now,

Have I moved or has the sea decided to accept me?

I do not know,

I do not care.

The world around me has reduced to grains of sand,

No voice louder than the seas.

While others delve deep into earthly pleasures,

My fix is this summer sea breeze.

Really small moments

Day 18 of the A-to-Z Challenge and I’m gonna try to channel my frustration for today into a feel-good post.

Today’s three randomly generated words are…

Clash, Museum, World

Let’s get to it!

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

To be alive is to endure,

The good stuff and the bad.

To be alive is to survive,

Through the pain and the pleasure.

To be human is to resist,

The wrath that clashes both inside and out.

To be human is to linger,

In the residues of both hardship and happiness.

To be happy is to compromise,

For one and for the many.

To be happy is to let go,

Of yourself and others.

To be kind is to be a museum,

Of sacrifice and courage.

To be kind is to see,

Into one’s own heart and also of others.

To fall in love is to be there,

For the ones who make and break you.

To fall in love is to lose yourself,

In each other’s worlds.

To live life is to sit through,

The movie of you.

To live life is to enjoy,

The really small things around you.


Tis day 17 of the A-to-Z Challenge. *Insert something somebody would read someday*

I have a splitting headache and the random word generator decides to give me these three words today…

Parallel, Charge, Get

Let’s just go.

Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.

Honoré de Balzac

There are days when your head isn’t screwed on right,

Days when creativity and your ability to write run parallel.

On those days you write a small little poem,

One that details your conundrum in brief.

My qualm with myself is this,

That my head doesn’t know that it exists.

An empty vessel is what I become,

But I don’t make that much of a noise.

These days all I relate to,

Is a phone that ran out of charge.

Not dead, not quite yet,

But warning that I may soon be.

Not a great place to be, I know,

But I’m human, can’t escape it.

I get out of bed, on days that I can,

Waiting for the time of day I can sleep again.

Sometimes I need everybody,

Sometimes not so many.

Sometimes I just want to quarantine myself,

Maybe if I get to know loneliness better, it might go away too.